Darenth Competitions Details

Darenth Competitions Details

The gates will open at 9 am on the friday morning check in at 10am which will give you chance to walk around the lake for two hours before the draw at 12(midday) then once the draw is done you with be able to get set up and marker and bait up from 1pm then horn will start the comp at 2pm then fish though until 2 pm sunday.

the draw is a water craft draw . which means your names will go into a pot then into a bag and then someone will pik the first name out the bag and who ever that is get the first swim pick then they will the next name out and so on.

all lake rules will be in lace which can be found on link below

Big Lake Rules

Biggest fish from both singles or both pairs weekend will be get a years ticket for the lake

singles pegs

Pairs Pegs