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Went for a walk around the ruxley complex today


Went for a Revisit arond Ruxley today (02/06/2014)

On first arrival i thought it was just the same as i left it four years ago

i spoke to james who is on the committie who is now running the club
They have cleaned the lakes up and tidied a lot of the swims up and even made some of the swims bigger on the new barge and put in type 4 so they will not get muddy in the winter

the prices for the year are as follows below

£130 for a gold ticket which gives you 3rods and use of bait boat on new barge 4 rods on the big lake

£110 for silver ticket 2rods on new barge no bait boat 4 rods on the big lake

on both tickets  give you 2 rods on ladinford

They will be running a winter ticket from the 1st of october
which will cost you £60 give you a gold winter ticket

The swims on the lake are as follows

Ladinford 20 swims
Shallows 17 swims
new barge 17 swims
22 swims big lake

Hello all

Right Went for a walk around Orpington & District Angling association ruxley complex of five lakes today and will be fishing it next year for sure,

Heres Why

The complex is secure with two main gates to unlock from the main road then once you past the klingers lake on your left you go under the a20 bypass and you have another gate to unlock and then your in the complex.

The complex itself is laid out nicely and very tidy,I only see one piece of rubbish which was in the lake in the old  barge which i would say had come across from the estate across the way from the complex.

There is a lot of work going on in the complex as it the complex manager has been cutting back the trees around the swims and clearing out the lakes aswell from old reeds and over grown rushes.The thing i liked about this was they are using the old branches that they have cut down and making fences around the complex to hold back all the over growing bushes.

A bit about the lakes now


The Klingers Lake is 2.7 acres gravel pit

This lake is the first one you come to as you go though the first two gates on the left the swims are small which would be fine for a day trip but would not like to bivvy up in one.

Most species of fish are found in the Klingers with weights as follows:-

Bream to lOlb. Tench to 9lb, Carp to 26lb, Rudd and Roach to 2lb, Perch to 4lb and Pike to 20lb.

Big Lake

The Big Lake is a 10.97 acres gravel pit in the shape of an L

Now this is the lake to get on with lots of spacious swims few doubles and lots of singles placed around the inside of the l shape which you could set up on the lake in a few single swims but still have lots of water in front of you in each swim but still bivvy up in three swim next to each other.

The Big Lake holds fish as follows:-

Carp to 41lb, Bream to 12lb, Tench to 9lb, Roach to 2.5lb, Perch to 4.5lb and Pike to 28lb,

They also believe that there are several fish that have never been banked.

New Barge

The New Barge Lake is a 3.87 acres gravel pit

This lake is a lovely looking lake with this one you have swims all the way round it,Some are spacious enough to bivvy up in comfort and some are just day trip swims.

Lots of Features To fish to in this lake islands, reeds, Gravel bars, over hanging trees

The New Barge Lake holds such fish as follows:-

Carp to 37lb, Tench to 6lb, Bream to lOlb, Rudd and Roach to 1lb. Perch to 3.5lb and Pike to 20lb.

Old Barge

The Old Barge Lake is a 3,34 acress gravel pit

But is also connected to the big lake but this will be messed off so the fish do not move between the lakes.

They are not sure hat true fish are in here as i said they not sure what fish are moving and what are staying there in the lake but there is always lots of pike in here.


This lake is a shallow 3,28 acres gravel pit

This lake will be a lovely off the top lake once all the lillys and greenery has grown up in the early spring.

The Shallow Lake holds:-

Tench to 8lb, Carp to 27lb, Bream to 9lb, Rudd and Roach to 1.5lb, Perch to 3.5lb


Thats the lakes now for the plans for the future of the complex.

Lenny the complex manger is hoping to make this complex into a anglers fishing haven where their is lots of people catching the fish they are after in good weights and condition.

and to keep the complex clean and tidy and running sweet with all members happy with their memberships.

hope this help people out that are thinking of looking into this complex.


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