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Farlows Charity Fund Raiser Event on the 11th August


Not long now till the Farlows Charity Fund Raiser Event on the 11th August. Thank you ever so much for your support. Many people praise us for our hard work, however it couldn’t be done without the support of yourselves so a big thank you from us.
Just to clarify some key information leading up to the event:

Date: Friday 11th August – Sunday 13th August.
Match Type: Biggest Individual fish Fish Overall (There is a trophy and Small cash prize for winning pair)
Registration: Friday 18:00 pm Latest
Draw Time: Friday 18:30 pm (Out the Bag Draw)
Start time: Friday 19:30pm (All in – Baited rigs, markers, spods etc)
Social + BBW etc: Saturday 17:30pm – 23:00 on Herons Point
Finish time: Sunday 10:00am
Raffle / Prize giving: Sunday 11:00am

All Anglers are required to Reel in at 17:30pm on the Saturday and come round to Herons Point for the big Social. We have Alcohol on Sale (All profit goes towards the fund), BBQ, Live Music etc. Gate 1 will be locked at 17:30pm, and gate 2 and 3 will be locked at 8pm as normal. We have security and Dog Patrol Patrolling round the gates and along the road / smelly bank to help ensure the safety of your gear whilst leaving it unattended round at the point. You can leave whenever you want and commence fishing whenever you want and if gates are locked security will open gates and allow you back to your swim. Fishing will commence back at 23:00 however you don’t have to go back to your swim then – there is no finish time for the evening event. It will finish when it finishes! However it would be nice to see as many people socialising as possible.

Remember it is a charity event, and the event is to take place in good spirits! You are allowed to move swims / swap swims etc once the draw has taken place. The draw is only there to allocate swims fairly at the start – as you can see, very relaxed! In terms of weighing fish, this is down to the competitors and honesty. Please have your first fish witnessed and photographed with a competitor next door. You’ll only need to provide evidence and log the fish on your score sheet if you catch a fish bigger than you first fish as it’s only biggest fish that counts – not overall weight. At the end of the event, the person with the biggest verified fish and photo will win – (No picture with competitors and signature on sheet then the fish is void). The whole point of this match is a bit of fun and remember to enjoy it! Any Questions, please drop one of us a message.

All Guests are welcome – the more the merrier so please invite your friends down for the Saturday Night Social. They are more than welcome to stay the night and bivvy up next to the lake if they wish to have a drink etc.

See you all on the 11th!

Kind Regards

Brad GreeningRobert Greening & Martin Brown xxx

All Details Can Be Found On Link Below

Farlows Chairty Event

Buy Raffle Tickets Using Link Above To Find Out How

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Darenth big lake competitions

This be the last time i will be running these comps so if you want a chance to fish darenth big lake here you chance new march 2017

Single comps and pairs comp.

Darenth big lake

prizes may change due to amount of people on each weekend or if we get a sponsor for the weekend in they company name.

We Will Hopefully have a company putting in so cash prizes for each weekend for having the event named after them.

This be open to all anglers NOT just members.

The bookings can be made on the main website

Pairs 3rd 4th 5th of march 2017
Weekend full

Singles 10th 11th 12th of march 2017

Pairs 17th 18th 19th of march 2017
weekend Full

Singles 24th 25th 26th of march 2017

Singles will be £80 a weekend 25pegs
Biggest fish £300
2nd biggest fish £200
Biggest weight £100

pairs will be £140 the weekends 16pegs
Biggest fish £450
2nd biggest fish £250
Biggest weight £140

Biggest carp of singles comps 1 years free ticket to the big lake

Biggest carp of the pairs 1 years free ticket to the big lake to be split between the winning pair.

Prizes may increase if we find a sponsor for the weekends,
prizes or added cash

it will also be pay upfront and if you not paid your not go on the list sorry people still let me down again this year

Pairs are the swims makes out in pic below and the singles will be any of the 40 swims on the lake

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BCAC 2014 Loggies

The BCAC at Loggies on the 16/05/14 to 18/05/14

So there i was walking the lake at 4pm thursday afternoon never seen the lake before trying to work out which swim i fancied for the BCAC weekend at Loggies.I had a bit of insight to the lake as my partner Darren Hilton is a member on the lake complex. We walked it a few times and also looked at the year before for the swims that had done the fish amounts and had worked out our list of swims in orders of top four second four and last resort four. top four swims,1st was peg one,2nd was peg two,3rd was peg thirteen,4th was peg three second four swims,5th was peg ten,6th was peg six,7th was eleven,8th was twelve last resort swims,9th was peg four,10th was peg five,11th was peg seven,12th was peg eight We ended up coming out 7th in the draw and we got our 5th chose of swim which we thought was not to bad,I had seen fish in the swim on the friday morning early hours but so had other anglers but they was behind us in the draw lucky enough. So Then it was time to get the gear round to the swim and get it all set up for the 48 hours ,We got to the swim and worked out what side we was having each and what water we was going to fish eg the spots. We then started to get all the rods set up on the pods / buzz bars etc and then the houses was set up me under my brolly and Hilton under his pioneer , then 11.00am was apun us so out went the marker rod i had forgot to unclip it so straight away had a crack off and lost 50 yards of braid off the spool and marker float and lead into the swim right on the spot i was looking to fish. Once i had found the marks that i was putting my two rods on i started putting out a little bait from the throwing stick,I put about 2kg of bait out on the two spots which i thought would be plenty for a start.(how wrong i was). Then the 12:00pm hooter went and we was off rods got cast out and we was fishing in the BCAC 2014 . we then thought we was on the fish as after a hour and a half we had our first run on mr Hilton right hand rod and we had landed a 16lb 10oz common


Now the fish was back rod was back out we was buzzing we was only in forth but we had had a fish and was looking good for another.

We had a few hours of sitting around thinking the fish was coming but nothing so it was then getting dark so it was time to reset the rods for the night and get some sleep and dream of catching some more.We slept though until 4:30am on the saturday morning to be woken up by mr Hilton right hand delkim going off again but it was onl on for a few minutes and he lost it,So off back to bed we went. We then Woke up just after first light looking for any signs of fish moving around in our swim but nothing was showing it head which put us on a little low after our great early start the afternoon before. We tried a few different things to try get the fish feeding in our swim but nothing seemed to work. We then heard the swim next door had had a double take,so me being a little bit serect squirrel i went along to see their tactics of baiting etc and i found out it over a heavy bed of bait.So off i went back to our swim and got the spomb out and started to fill in my side of the swim with the chops and 14mm boilies i had and must of put about 5kg on one spot and then cast a boilie chop out on one rod into the middle of all the bait i had put out then sat on it until dark(bed time) we had not been in our bivvies for longer than a hour all the lights was out and away went my right rod off the baited spot,I was over the moon when mr hilton said to me that it was a very high 20lber poss even a 30lber common. So with the common in the net i then got a new rig out the bivvy and used the quick link to unhook the fish and get the new rig on and recast it out on the spot.The marshalls came round and weighed the fish and i was even happyer when they read the weight out to myself saying it was 35lb 11oz my new uk pb common (happy days).


So now the rods are out and all set more bait sticked out onto the spot s now it to dark to spomb as i had removed the short clip thinking that the long range rod was going to be the one that went of first.So off to bed went and woke up first light and i reeled the rods in and rebaits both my rods and put a little more bait out on my spots,The breakfast time nice bacon rolls, now we looking around the lake trying to work out where the fish have been caught and where if any are in the swim we are fishing when Hilton left rod gives out a single bleep then a one toner which was great to hear. He landed the fish and said that’s a 30lber i said how you know that his replied was it the fully scaled mirror i had two weeks ago ,(yeah yeah i thought) sure enough he was right marshals weighed it in at 31lb 10oz


That was our total catch for the weekend all fish were on terminal tackle from Ashimauk

10306260_1446107702295456_780089927877695253_n and my fish was on A2 baits Creamy Toffee


We only come 5th over all in the weekend but my common may get us though on a wild card if no one else catches bigger if they are a none qualifier (so heres hoping)

hope you enjoyed the read Darren Reynolds Ashimauk Rep/Team

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3 nights out fishing

Hi there

I went for a 48 hours fishing trip and only fished the 3 evenings as was working in the day time on the lake. I was using the R Range 3lbtc rods

I also had my Daiwa 5000T’s Spooled up with the great Parallelium Line10153802_658966834138673_7838885153241877193_n


I was fishing about about 90 yards with two rods using the ashimauk products

i used the Heavy Carp size 6 and the groundhog 15lb camo with a Long line Aligner from the lead i used the Quick-Lock Swivels on one rod


Then i had a Excalibur size 6 and the polergeist 25lb on the other rod

Using the A2 baits 30/70’s yellow CT’s 18mm

 1922055_589656511141758_8139561136881345213_n (1)

After Fishing For about 6hours i hooked into my first fish which was a baby common of 15lb on the dot


Then 4hours later after a bit more bait being put out by the throwing stick i had a 21lb mirror just after dark


then in the early hours of the morning i had a 33lb mirror as a wake up call and also a new PB


I also lost two fish which i not sure why or what happened for me to lose them

All i can say about the Ashimauk Products once you use them you will be hooked and will not look back .

The rods are out this world they only 3lbtc and a bit soft tipped but i really love the though action are out this world .

The Line is great the diamtor is the thinest i ever seen and used for poundage

14lb is .30mm

The Hooks are out this world aswell the hook hold was in and not coming out thats for sure they are the shapest i have used.